by Conrad Kramer

Experiencing issues?

This page is here to help you address those issues by giving some useful tips and solutions to common problems.

When recognizing a gesture, Gesturizer always picks the best match, but more importantly, it always picks a match.

If you want to close the switcher, do not draw random scribbles, as an action will fire. Tap the home button instead.

Are you not able to draw above the switcher?

It may be because of a conflict with Music Controls Pro. You need to turn off the 'Task Controls' portion of Music Controls in its settings.

Is Gesturizer picking the wrong action?

Try going into Settings and redrawing the glyph for the gesture you are trying to get recognized. Make the shape more distinct from the shape that is conflicting with it.

Gesturizer ignores the size, position, and speed at which a shape is drawn or recorded.

Is your action not firing after Gesturizer recognizes your gesture?

If your action is an Activator action, then that specific action is not compatible with the current mode you are in. For example, you can not activate Graviboard while in an application.

If your action is a URL, then that URL is probably invalid.

This is especially pertinent on the lockscreen, as URLs and many activator actions cannot be activated from the lockscreen.

You can only launch an application using Activator from the lockscreen if you have no passcode set.

Still experiencing issues?